Saturday, May 16, 2015

Fruit Popsicles(Strawberry Bar,Chocolate Bar,Fig Bar..), quick and easy to make!

  These popsicles(strawberry bars,chocolate bars,fig bars..)  are a nice way to replenish the minerals lost while sweating.Fruits are thirst quenching
and have an instant pick me up effect.Pomegranate is heart-friendly.It has low glycemic index so recommended for diabetic patients and obese.
Nutritionist Naini Setalvad says,artificially flavored drinks don't help hidrate body,"1 glass of tetrapack juice adds 10 spoons of sugar,it makes one hyper giving sugar rush,after which it gives an energy plunge."

Some easy to make Fruit Popsicles this Summer


1)Strawberry Lassi-cles
Make strawberry and yogurt mix.Freeze in Popsicle mould.Enjoy.

2)Peach and Basil-sicle
Puree fresh peaches,add lime juice,some water and basil leaves.Freeze in mould.It's ready.

3)Vegan chocolate with pine nuts
Mix liquid chocolate almonds(finely chopped),vanilla,roasted pine nuts.Freeze in moulds.Its ready.

4)Sweet Corn-sicle
Boil corn kernels, add coconut milk,pinch of vanilla and salt.

5)Low fat Fig-sicle
Use figs,vanilla,yogurt and sliced figs and freeze in moulds.