Saturday, December 26, 2015

Roasted Stuffed Heart Mushroom

Time 1 hour
Serving : 8


8 large flat mushrooms
Olive oil
1 chopped onion
2 garlic cloves
1 large bunch spinach
1 cup low fat cheese
250 gms cottage cheese
1 tsp grated lemon
120 gm salad leaves
200 gm tomatoes
1 tbs vinegar

Trim mushroom stems and chop it finely.

Heat non stick pan and spray oil.

Add onion and cook it for 5 minutes.

Next add mushroom stem and cottage cheese. Cook until soft.

Next add garlic until aroma.

Place spinach.

Cover with boiling water.Keep aside for 30 minutes.

Squeeze out the excess of liquid.
Chop finely.
Stir in the onion mixture and lemon.

Add pepper seasoning.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
On baking tray place mushrooms.

Place mixture on mushrooms.
Cover with foil.Roast for 15 minutes.

Remove foil and roast until tender.
Serve hot.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What is the climate action plan at Paris conference COP21?

There is unanimous recognition of the threat.US has offered a 26-28% cut in green house gas emissions from 2005 levels by 2025,EU promises 40% cut by 2030,China says it will taper off after 2030,India has promised to lower emission by 33-35% of GDP from 2005 levels in 2030.Focus of conference will be on transparent reporting. Costs must be globally distributed will be insisted upon in Paris.

What are Red Blood Cells?

Red blood cells(erythrocytes) are biconcave discs. They have no nucleus. Their diameter is about 7 micrometers.Their main function is gas transport mainly oxygen. They also carry some carbon dioxide. The biconcavity increases their surface area for gas exchange. The thin central portion allows fast entry and exit of gases.The cells are flexible so they can squeeze through narrow capillaries. They contain no intracellular organelles thereby giving more room for haemoglobin (the large pigmented protein responsible for gas transport).