Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MS Power Point

Powerpoint is the component of microsoft office.It combines text,cli art,drawing features and other objects to create self running or interactive display.
Powerpoint offers several advantages-
1.It navigates easily through the presentation.
2.It allows information from other sources to be available for presentation.
3.The computer uses the capability of its color to its full extent.
4.It utilizes multimedia effect.
5.Projection equipment is not required.
Getting started with MS Powerpoint:
Click start.
Click Programs.
Click MS Powerpoint.
Click Blank presentation.
Enter title of your presentation.
Click insert.
Click chart.
Or click pictures.
Or click on MS Word Table.
In word table enter the number of columns and number of rows.Type contents in word table.
Changing the case of the text:
Click format.
Select change case
Select text for the changing the case.
Click OK.
To display the slide,select slide sorter option from View menu.

Delete a slide
Select the slide to be deleted.
Select delete slide from edit menu.

Adding clip art pictures

Click insert.
Select clip art.
Select the picture.
Click on insert.
Selected picture is inserted in slide.

Saving Presentation:
From File menu select save as option.
Save as dialog box is displayed.
Click on Save button.