Sunday, April 30, 2017

Writing sites

CloudCrowd of Facebook
The Writer Life
Income Diary
The Penny Hoarder
Matador network

The Writer Life pays $35 for reviews that are well written.

In of Amazon you can create your own eBook and have it published.No extra cost.It is free.Createspace also gives the option of giving hardcopy of your eBook to customers on order.It gives the book an ISBN number for free.Everything here is free.Its services are free of charge.The eBook can also be published on Kindle and that is free too.You have to upload your document in MS Word format.

Amazon Kindle also allows you to publish your eBook free of charge.You can make the book in MS Word.

At crowd you can write
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Hubpages-If you are a beginner you can start writing for where you will learn how to write a good article.If you write a few number of articles for Hubpages which get accepted by them,you can get shortlisted on other sites for writers.You can provide links to these articles at writer sites to get shortlisted. I did the same and was shortlisted for writer work.Apart from this, there is earnings Program also on HubPages by which you can earn by Affiliate Programs. Besides this, there is Google Adsense in which Google offers to put advertisements alongside your articles and pays you for that.Every time a user visits your site or clicks an advertisement of Google on your page you get credited.
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Saturday, April 29, 2017

It is healthy to eat these fruits and vegetables in summers

It has 96% water so it is good during summers.

Full of antioxidants.It can be taken as fruits,juice,smoothie.

Seeds are filled with antioxidants.It has elagic acid which protects us from sun rays.

It has 92% water.It also has antioxidants.It has minerals too.

Green,yellow,red Capsicum
Green,red,yellow capsicum are full of antioxidants and waer.

Coconut Water
Sodium and chlorine in coconut water cleanse blood.It makes us energetic and fresh because it has potassium and magnesium.

Dry Fruits
They protect us from diseases.THey make healthy skin,heart,and eyesight.

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants.They protect us from UV Rays.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

CCC Solution Bank an update on 1.05.2017

1.A computer is an

a)electric device
b)electromagnetic device
c)Electronic device
d)Electromechancal device

Ans. 1(c)

2.A digital computer process data which is

a)Binary in nature
b)Decimal in nature
c)Octal in nature
d)Hexadecimal in nature

Ans. 2(a)

3.Introduction of transistor technology was a major feature of

a)3rd generation of computer
b)2nd generation of computer
c)4th generation of computer
d)1st generation of computer

Ans. 3(b)

4. Fourth generation of computers were primarily based upon ......................... type of integrated Circiut technology

(d)None of these

Ans. 4(a)

5. In .............................. ,using a computer one can design books,logos,magazines,cards etc.

(a)Desktop Publishing
(c)Word Processor
(d)Presentation package

Ans. 5(a)

6. CPU stands for

(a)Control Processing Unit
(b)Central Processing Unit
(c)Circiut Programming Unit
(d)None of these

Ans. 6(b)

7. A CPU consists of following 3 units

(a)Control Unit,Input Unit,Output Unit
(b)Control Unit,Arithmetic and Logic Unit,Memory Unit
(c)Control Unit,Arithmetic and Logic Unit,Input Unit
(d)None of the above

Ans. 7(b)

8. Primary Memory holds the data that is processed by

(a)Control Unit
(b)Input Unit
(c)Central Processing unit
(d)Output Unit

Ans. 8(c)

9. A speaker is an output device which converts

(a)Digital data into analog data
(b)Analog data into digital data
(c)Both a & b
(d)None of the above

Ans. 9(a)

10. RAM is a primary memory which is used to

(a)Randomly access the data and store it permanently
(b)Sequentially access the data and store it temporarily
(c)Randomly access the data and store it temporarily
(d)Sequentially access the data and store it permanently

Ans. 10(c)

11.The components which can be touched or felt are called

(d)None of the above

Ans. 11(c)

12. ........................ is used to detect characters written in magnetic ink and check the authenticity of bank cheques


Ans. 12(a)

13.The printer which requires physical contact between mechanical head and paper is called

(a)Non-Impact printer
(b)Impact printer
(c)Thermal printer
(d)Laser jet printer

Ans. 13(b)

14.Machine language is the first generation language which consists of instructions written in

(a)English like language
(b)Mnemonic codes
(c)Binary laguage
(d)None of the above

Ans. 14(c)

15. The letters DOS stand for

(a)Data Out System
(b)Disk Out System
(c)Disk Operating System
(d)Data Operating System

Ans. 15(c)

16. .MPG refers to what kind of file?

(a)Word Perfect Document file
(b)MS Office Document
(c)Animation/movie file
(d)Image file

Ans. 16(c)

17. .JPG refers to what kind of file?

(a)System file
(b)Animation/movie file
(c)MS Office document
(d)Image file

Ans. 17(d)

18.  ................................. is used to detect characters written in magneic ink and check the authenticity of bank cheques.


Ans. 18(a)

19. A keyboard is an input device which converts

(a)Human understandable data into machine understandable form
(b)Machine understandable data into Human understandable form
(c)Human understandable data into source code
(d)None of the above

Ans. 19(a)

20.VDU is one of the most common output devices which stand for

(a)Visual Display Unit
(b)Video Display Unit
(c)Visual Division Unit
(d)Video Division Unit

Ans. 20(a)

21. Fortran is a High Level Language which consists of instructions written in

(a)English like language
(b)Mnemonic codes
(c)Binary language
(d)None of the above

Ans. 21(a)

22. ....................... processed in order to generate ............................


Ans. 22(b)

23. DVD which is an optical device,stands for

(a)Digital Video Disk
(b)Digital Versatile Disk
(c)Digital Visual Disk
(d)Digital Viral Disk

Ans. 23(a)

24. A Digital Computer process data which is

(a)Binary in nature
(b)Decimal in nature
(c)Octal in nature
(d)Hexadecimal in nature

Ans. 24(a)

25.Prof. John Mauchly and Prof. John Presper Eckert were the creators of :


Ans. 25(d)

State True/False

1. With the introduction of transistors,2nd generation of computers came into existence.


Ans. 1(a)

2. A CPU is called the brain of the computer because it processes the data as per instructions


Ans. 2(a)

3. ALU is responsible for performing all the mathematical and logical operations


Ans. 3(a)

Monday, April 17, 2017

Due to hot weather pattern of allergies is changing.

Allergic Rhinitis

It is a chronic inflammatory respiratory disease.

It leads to difficulty in breathing.

Affects people of all ages.


Itchy nose,mouth,eyes,throat,skin,or any area.
Running nose,sneezing,watery eyes.As the problem advances,symtoms may include nasal congestion,coughing,sore throat,puffnessunder the eyes,fatigue and irritability and headache.


Stay away from pets.
Dont let dust settle in homes.
Keep immunity level high.

Allergic conjunctivitis

It is due to heat and UV rays.
Children in 5-15 years more susceptible.


Itching,stringy discharge,red eyes,eye tears,photophobia.


Wash eyes with cold water.
Regularly take medicines.
Eat lots of fruits.