Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reduce Fast Food Craving by Cashewnuts,Almonds

Does your child make faces when you give him fruits-veggies, milk,curd?
Does your child want to eat pizza-burger,noodles from breakfast to dinner?If yes,almonds,groundnut or boiled eggs along with lunch.This has been suggested by Missouri University Researchers?
   These protein rich foods not only fulfil satire for food but they also reduce craving for fast food.These play a vital role in reducing the danger by type-2 diabetes, heart disease,weightgain and death due to stroke.
Under Hither Lady,Researchers studied the food habits in 1000 children 13 to 19 years of age.They found out whether deficit of some nutrient was the basis of craving for fast food. By research it was found that taking less protein rich food was the main reason for craving for fast food.

Enemies of Weight Gain
Almond,groundnut, egg, fish,pulses,beans,curd,pumpkin seeds

Soya Products
sprouted soybean, soya nuggets, soya milk,soya pander,tofu,soya chips

Other Benefits
1)Limit cholesterol and reduce risk of heart disease.
2)Increase memory & logic capability.
3)Good for hair,bring glow to skin.