Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Keep an eye distance of 25 inch from computer to avoid eye problems!

Holidays have started & children are spending much of their time on mobile & computers.WHO has reported that children are spending much of their time on indoor games rather than
outdoor games.According to report,more than 15% of children are spending continuous 4 hours on TV due to which they are suffering from eye problems.
Apart from eyes,neck,shoulders, back are also affected & children become fatigued.

Dry eye syndrome
When children play on mobile or computer their eye is in direct contact with light,that's why eye is the most adversely affected.
Dry eye syndrome is caused by the rays coming out of mobile & computer. Tears or moisture coming out if eyes protects the cornea or conjunctiva from drying.We have a layer of moisture in our eyes that gives eyelids glistening. Due to this eyelids can be blinked easily.Water in eyes dries up due to working for long hours on computers & consequently eyes become weak.

If we don't take a correct posture on computers,it can affect our neck,back & eyes.Continuous typing can bring swelling in wrist of children. Playing games for long hours on mobile can create twisted fingers in children.


1)After every 1 hour close your eyes for 10 minutes.
2)Keep on blinking your eyes while working on mobile or computer.
3)Add antiglower screen on computer screen.This will reduce harmful rays.
4)Keep a 25 inch distance from computer screen.
5)Keep a distance of 16 inch from mobile screen.
6)Keep back straight while working on computer.
7)The other end of chair should be straight.

1)Don't use old specs while working on computer.
2)If computer is old change screen.Rays from screen are harmful to eyes.