Thursday, May 28, 2015

Computer Ergonomics

Unfortunately prolonged postures, coupled with high levels of concentration & the occasional frustration of things going less than perfectly can lead to physical problems. A little knowledge of principles of ergonomics, how people interact safely & efficiently with machines & their work environment can save a lot of discomfort & maximize both productivity & enjoyment.

Machine setup

You must be able to see what you are doing easily to avoid eye strain & neck pain.Have adequate light.

Experiment with chair height and tilt until you get it the way your body likes.

Be sure to get the height right to prevent too much bend at the wrist & have some support. The arms should hang loose to prevent the shoulder muscles from cramping.

The continual clicking & small,precise motions involved in mouse use are a repetitive action that can be a health hazard.A few basic rules can help-
1)Hold mouse loosely. Use a light touch when you click.
2)Use your whole arm & shoulder to move the mouse not just your wrist.
3)Keep wrist relaxed & neutral not bent.
4)Avoid prolonged postures.Rotate your shoulders,gently shake your hands & fingers.

Human Set Up

Footrests help as cushions if your chair is not providing adequate support.

Look away from the screen occasionally. Blinking moistens the eyes to prevent burning from dryness.

Warm Up
Do neck stretches,wrist wiggles & leg stretches before login

At least once an hour,get right up off your seat & walk around, stretch,yawn,get the blood flowing & stimulate the joints.