Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why taking lunch is necessary?

If you are working and don't take lunch in afternoon you can land in danger.Most working people think lunch time is a waste of time.According to doctors, not taking lunch on time increases weakness and it also affects mental health. If you don't take lunch you feel hungry and your body uses up stored energy. Therefore you feel lazy and you make mistakes when you work.When you don't take lunch disease risk increases.You eat junk food thus bringing diabetes,heart diseases ,infection(absence of nutrition) near you. 1 out of 3 working people do not take lunch.40% people eat chips while deskwork.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Terrorism and Paris

The terrorist attacks in Paris were horrific.
That an attack of such scale and ferocity could be mounted in Paris is shameful.Neither has France been very successful in integrating its Arabs and African Muslim population, who face problems of discrimination and unemployment. France tops the list of European countries whose citizens fight for IS.President Francois Holland's has proclaimed "pitiless" war against those responsible. But France must be careful not to lose sight of its basic democratic values in the process.Europe is facing the same problem as India.PM Modi has been crying from rooftops about coordinated international response to terrorism.