Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Camel Milk cures many diseases

Camel milk is well known for its traditional cures and has good nutritive value.
Research on Camel milk suggests it is lower in cholesterol, protein and sugar and so it can be easily tolerated by lactose intolerant people. It is higher in minerals (sodium,potassium, zinc,magnesium, iron and copper),vitamins and insulin which adds to its beneficial properties.
  It also has high concentration of volatile fatty acids as linoleic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids which are beneficial in human nutrition.
   Camel milk is antimicrobial, antidiarrheal, antioxudative,antithromboric,antihypertensive and has immune modulatory effects.It is antiulcerogenic as it is effective against gastric ulcers induced by ethanol. It has positive role in treating jaundice, splenic problems, asthma, anemia, piles and diabetes.
  Raw camel milk has a role in achieving glycemic control in Type 1 diabetes patients.Camel milk contains approximately 52 units of insulin/litre.
The drawback with oral insulin is coagulum formation and denaturation in acidic pH of stomach. But camel milk does not form coagulum in stomach keeping insulin protein intact.This intact protein is absorbed from intestine and maintains normal glycemic level in Type1 diabetes patients.