Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to deal Depression

Recent times have seen a lot written and spoken about depression. Undiagnosed depression is said to lead to a host of problems like chronic anxiety, anger bouts and even pain disorders. Depression can affect relationships and careers if not diagnosed and treated in time.
    Actress Deepika Padukone received lot of positive feedback when she opened up about her own battle with depression. The star said that there should be no embarrassment or hesitation in asking for help when it comes to dealing with depression and that it would help them hugely.Experts say,the sooner one accepts that there is a problem and seeks treatment, the better(and at times quicker) the recovery.
Loneliness may exacerbate depression.Even in a bustling city like Mumbai (India)one may feel alone.Other factors like marital discord,extreme work pressure, high competition and expectations can lead to depression. Don't, however,allow it to drag you down.


1)Continuous feeling of sadness or anxiety for no specific reason.

2)Loss of appetite or significant increase in appetite leading to drastic weight loss or gain.

3)Having trouble sleeping or sleeping all the time.

4)Feeling irritable irritable about little things and losing your temper often.

5)Think that nothing will ever go right in your life and feel restlessness.

6)Feelings of pessimism,hopelessness, guilt,worthlessness or helplessness often reported in depressed people.

7)Disinterest in regular activities and cutting from social dos.

8)Experiencing low energy levels and feeling tired almost all the time.

9)Having problem concentrating on regular tasks and remembering occasions.

Sadly,feelings of depression often are viewed as a sign of weakness rather than as a signal that something is wrong.The absolute fact that people with depression can't simply 'snap out of it' and feel better spontaneously.
For anyone who is facing treatment, congratulate yourself on the awareness and the fact that you love yourself enough to want to feel good.

  Just read this letter which vice principal of La Marts wrote-
Dear Parents,
        The board exam results will be coming out soon.You must be anxious for your child to get a 90% or so.It's a matter of your reputation. But pls remember amongst the students who have given exams is an artist who doesn't need to understand Math,an entrepreneur who doesn't care abt History, a musicio whose Chemistry marks don't matter.Don't take away self confidence from them if they score less.Tell them,no matter what they score,you love them.One exam won't take away their dreams and talent..

Compiled from Times of India and LaMarts