Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Parts of Computer

Parts of a Computer


Monitor-shows the pictures as we see on the television.
Keyboard-works for computer and helps writing characters.
Mouse-points on the monitor as your teacher points on the blackboard with a finger.
CPU-brain of the computer as we have.
Memory-to store figures on memory chip.
It is also known as Visual Display Unit.
It can be black and White or Colored.
It comes in various sizes.

It looks like a typewriter.
It is used to type alphabets,numbers and symbols.
There are special keys for special functions.
Computer has 4 main parts-Monitor,CPU,Memory and Keyboard.
CPU is known as the brain of the computer.
What we do on the computer can be seen on the monitor.
Keyboard has many keys which are used to type alphabets,numbers and other special characters.

Some More parts of a computer

It is also called a pointing device.
It has 2 or more buttons.
Clicking it,selects an item on the screen.
It helps us to draw pictures on the screen.
When mouse is moved on the desk,the pointer on the screen moves in the same direction.
A mouse has cord to connect to the CPU and cordless as well.

It is used to print letters and drawing on the paper.
Popular printers are Dot matrix,Deskjet and Laser Printers.

It stores data/information as we write in our notebook for future use.
It is placed in a floppy disk drive.
It stores less amount of information.

Floppy Disk Drive
It is used to read and write the data to a floppy as we use our eyes while reading or writing.

Hard Disk Drive
It can store a large amount of data.
It is fixed inside the cabinet of computer.
It comes in various storage capacities.

CD stands for Compact Disk.
It can contain Games,Music,Movies and Programs.
It has shiny surface.

CD ROM Drive
It reads data from the CD ROM.

It is used to play games,on the computer as we play video games.
It is an input device.

Speakers are used for listening to music and other sounds.

We can record our voice using a microphone.

It scans text/image and puts it into computer as we see any picture and store it in the memory.

Mouse is used to move the mouse pointer on the screen in the desired direction.
Printer is used to print the output on the paper.
CD ROM is used to store movies,songs and other data.
Floppy is also used to store information but has lessor capacity in comparison to CD ROM.
Joystick is used to play games.
Scanner copies images to the computer.
We can listen to music with the help of speakers.