Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Include these in your Food in Summer to beat Summer woes!


1)Light Drinks
Coconut Water
Lemon Water
Butter Milk
Wood Apple(Bael fruit) Drink

Include such natural drinks in your food.

2)Holy Basil seeds
These give coolness.

3)Raw Mango(Kaccha Aam)-
1.Protects from sun stroke.
Mango Drink (Aam Sharbat)
Mango Pans(Aam Pana)

3)Bottle Gourd(Lauki) Juice

4)Gooseberry (Amla)
This gives freshness & strength.

Curd is a panacea(rambaan) for summer season to beat summer woes.

6)Barley (Jao) Water
Drink 1 glass Barley water in hot scotching heat of summer. To make it tasty you can add lemon juice to it.


1)Eat less in Summers.
Vegetables which keep us warm like spinach,radish,chillies,garlic, beet root,pineapple & spices should be reduced in food.

2)Eat less icecream
It gives immediate relief(coolness) but immediate coolness is not good, natural body system is disturbed.

3)Avoid sugar drinks.These increase weight very fast.

4)Reduce white colored foods.Eg:bread,rice,sugar,potato,pasta.