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Story of Mahatma Buddha continued Page 4

Kondanna,the leader amongst the 5 attained the first stage of enlightenment as he understood all that Buddha taught.Mahatma Buddha ordained him as a monk and the others as well.Soon,they became the enlightened ones and formed the first association or sangha.
With time,Buddha had 60 disciples. He told them,"Go and spread my teachings, so that more people get freedom from sufferings."
    After a while,Mahatma Buddha went back to Rajagriha with his disciples. He met King Bimbisara who became his disciple. Over the years Buddha continued to preach travelling from place to place.King Suddhodhana too was ordained by Buddha.Mahatma Buddha also ordained Mahaprajapati Gotami,his foster mother who became the first nun of Buddhism.
    Buddha preached for 45years.Thousands of people influenced by his teachings joined the sangha.When Buddha was80 years old,he travelled towards foothills of Himalayas with his chief attendant and a few other disciples.A blacksmith Cunda offered them a meal.A little later,Mahatma Buddha fell severely I'll.However,he went to Kusinara where Amanda prepared a bed for him under 2 Sal trees.
It was then that Mahatma Buddha announced that he would soon attain Parinirvana(a deathless state).Meanwhile, hearing of his forthcoming demise,people rushed to meet him.A wandering ascetic named Subhadda was among them. He became the last person to be ordained by Buddha.Before entering Parinirvana,Buddha's final message was that 'Every human should strive for liberation as nothing lasts forever.'