Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Computers-Input and Output devices

Input and Output Devices

We know about different parts of a computer.All these parts are either Input or Output Device.
Step1:Take some mangoes.
Step2:Cut them.
Step3:Put them in the juicer.
Step4:Switch on the juicer for 5-6 minutes.
Step5:Switch on the juicer.
Step6:Pour out the juice.

The mangoes are input.
The juice we get is the output.
Device means machine(Here juicer is the device).
A computer needs information and Data to work.
In the same way all characters,numbers and words given to the computer are called Input.
The result given by the computer is called Output.
Input devices transfer data and information into the computer.
Output devices give the desired results out of the computer.