Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Computers-MS Excel

MS Excel
MS Excel is a powerful spreadsheet program that allows you to organize data,complete calculations,make decisions,graph data.
Excel allows you to organize data in rows and columns.These rows and columns collectively are called a worksheet.In electronic worksheet data is organized in same manner as manual worksheet.As like MS Word,spreadsheet has basic features to help create,edit and format worksheets.
Starting Excel
Click start.
Click All Programs.
Click MS Office.
Click MS Excel.

On opening Excel program,a blank workbook is displayed called Book1.

Title bar shows name of the displayed document.

File Tab help manage file information to save,open,print information for the document.

Quick Access Toolbar displays quick access buttons to save,undo and redo commands.

Program Window Controls buttons are used to minimize the program window,restore the window to full size or close the window.

The workbook contains sheets,called worksheets.A new workbook contains three worksheets.Each sheet has a name displayed on a sheet tab at the bottom of the workbook.

A cell is called the intersection of each column and row in a worksheet.A cell is the basic unit of a worksheet into which data is entered.

Each worksheet in a workbook has 16384 columns and 1048576 rows.

A cell is referred by its unique address or cell reference.To identify a cell,specify column letter first,followed by the row number,eg B8.

Formulas and Functions

Formulae are expressions which help you to calculate and analyse data in your worksheet.A formula in the worksheet always begins with an equal sign.
In maths,when you write a formula,you write out the values and the operators,followed by an equal sign(=).as 2+2=.
But in Excel,formulas begin with an equal sign(=),as =2+2.

Cell Referencing

Every cell in a worksheet has a unique address,also called a cell reference.

Cell Range

A group of related cells in a worksheet is called a range.Cell ranges are identified by their anchor points,upper left corner and lower right corner.The range reference includes both anchor points separated by a colon,eg A1:A3 includes A1,A2,A3.

Using Average,Max,Min Functions

If you want to calculate the average,highest,lowest sale of few persons in January,February,March from a range you can use functions like Average,Max,Min.
Excel,by default,includes formula called functions to help in computing the data.A function takes a value,performs an operation and returns a result to the cell,eg,=AVERAGE(G5:G14).

Creating a Chart

A chart can be created to compare data and view patterns and trends easily.After creating a chart,chart tools on the ribbons can be used to fine tune the chart to display and explain the data.

Select the range of data that you want on chart.
Click on Insert tab on the Ribbon.
Click on chart type from the Charts group.
Excel immediately creates a chart,places it on the worksheet.
Excel displays three chart tabs(Design,Layout,Format)for working with the chart.