Friday, May 8, 2015

Short Story-Right and Wrong Decision (update)

Right and Wrong Decision

 A Saint was telling a story.It was like this-
There was a ship that was about to sink.It had many couples. These were
getting ready to go in a life boat.In the end there was space for only one person. At that moment,a man left behind his wife & he himself climbed the life boat. The woman cried loudly.

Saying this,the saint became quiet.
He asked,'what was the lady saying while crying out loudly.'

Most replied the woman must have said,'I hate you, You are selfish etc.'

The saint saw one child sitting quietly. He asked him,'what did the woman say?'
The child replied,'she must have asked her husband to take care of her children when he goes home.'
Saint asked,'Have you heard this story before?'
Child said,'No,but my sick mother had said the same thing to my father while dying.'Saint said,'your answer is correct.'That ship sank & the man brought up his girl child.On growing old the girl read her father's diary in which it was written,'You were sick,you were about to die.On your suggestion I hided this from our child. I wanted to die with you that day in ship but I left you for our child. Please forgive me.'

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