Sunday, May 31, 2015

Insurance of Life,Desi Cow's milk!

Insure your Life by Desi Cow's Milk!

Desi cow milk protects us from deadly diseases, Exotic (foreign) breed of cows has genes which increase elements of disease.This has come out from the research work done by AS Trusvel of Biochemistry dept. of Human Nutrition Unit University.

There is a lot of protein in Indian Cow's Milk
Milk has Beta-Casein protein which is of a1 & a2 type.a1 protein is harmful to health,whereas a2 protein is good for health. According to AS Trusvel Indian cow breeds(Tharparker,Gangatiri,Sahiwal,Haryana etc) genes have a2.
Exotic cows(Holstein Freezon and Jersey) have a1 genes which increase risk of these diseases.According to research Holstein Freezon cow milk has a1 type 60 to 70% Beta Casein and Jersey cow milk has up to 40%.
Exotic cow breed has so much a1 type beta casein that it increases risk of diabetes many times.
a2 milk is 100% nature fresh Desi cow's milk which you may find easier to digest than regular cow's milk.

Do you experience indigestion when you have milk?
Symptoms of indigestion:
1)feeling uncomfortably full or heavy.
3)bringing food back up from your stomach.
5)feeling sick.

For millions of people it may not be lactose intolerance, but they may be reacting to intolerance to a1 protein.

Scientific side
a1 milk releases a peptide called BCM 7(Beta Casein Morphine 7).The peptide is not broken down into amino acid making it impossible to digest and has been associated with a very large number of diseases.Thus BCM 7 is the "Devil in Milk" which is not present in desi cow's milk.

Milk in detail

1)Milk consists of about 80% of water.
2)Remaining 15% is fat,minerals, proteins and sugar lactose.
3)80% protein is Casein and 20% Whey.
4)Beta Casein is 30% of total protein content in cow milk.

Milk Nutrition
Milk is one of the richest food sources of calcium which helps build strong bones and healthy teeth.
According to the Dairy Council, a 200 ml glass of cow milk can provide over half (55%) of a child's daily calcium requirement and over one third (35%) for an adult.

Sooo.., insure life by ensuring you drink Desi cow's milk which has a2 type beta casein protein.

So well said,
Insurance of Life,Desi cow's milk!
Ensure you drink Desi cow's milk if you want to prevent diseases such as diabetes and cancer.