Sunday, June 21, 2015

Where does Social Media lie?

Online Social Media presence

Social Media reach is deepening in particular sectors of population. In rural India social media adoption grew 100% according to a recent report released by Internet and Media Association of India in conjunction with market research agency IMRB.

The typical social media user in India today is male,urban and uses Facebook at Home according to the report.

Usage of social media in urban India has grown by 35% to reach 118 million users.

Usage of social media in rural India has grown by 100% to reach 25 million users over the last one year.

Across India-
56% of the online population uses social media.

61% of social media users are college students and men aged 21-35.

61% access social media on a mobile device.

75% access social media at home,18% in the office,18% on the phone/tablet.

96% social media users are on Facebook, 61% on Google+,43% on Twitter, 24% on Linkedln.

Source:IAMAI-IMRB Annual Social Media Report