Monday, June 29, 2015

Free Traffic Exchange sites for Blogs,Websites(update: Rankings)

What does Free Traffic Exchange mean?

Suppose you have a blog/website you want others to see,others have a blog or website they want you to see.
What really happens in Traffic Exchange is-They visit your site,you see their website/blog.
Result is-more free quality traffic to your website,also improving sales by advertising. More free quality traffic will help your business.

Traffic Exchange sites are listed below:

1) easyhits4U
3) TrafficG
4) HitSafari
5) TrafficSwirl
6) HitLink
7) WebMasterQuest
8) QualityPageViews
9) TezakTrafficPower
10) ClickVoyager
11) Soaring4Traffic

Traffic Exchange Ranking(

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Ist Join-Focus Ist Here!

Hit2Hit            #1 Ranking
TrafficSwirl   #2 Ranking
EasyHits4U     #3 Ranking

2nd Join-Next Focus Here!

TezakTrafficPower      #4 Ranking
HitLink                           #5 Ranking
HitSafari                         #6 Ranking

3rd Join-Focus Here Too!

TrafficAdBar                #7 Ranking
Souring4Traffic           #8 Ranking
TrafficSplash                #9 Ranking
Hits4Surfers                 #10 Ranking