Sunday, June 14, 2015

What you should not do to your Teeth

It is thought that brushing teeth with turmeric (brush immersed in turmeric powder) cleans teeth.
Reality-By doing so your teeth may loose shine.According to dentists,things that leave spot on white clothes will also leave spot on teeth.

Banana Peel
It is thought that high potassium, magnesium & manganese in banana help remove spots on teeth,that is why teeths shine by rubbing  inside part of banana peel.
Reality-Spots on the surface of teeth may be removed by rubbing banana peel but peel will not reach enamel, therefore teeth will not clean properly.

Coconut Oil
It is thought that rubbing teeth with coconut oil for 20 minutes in the morning is an ayurvedic way of cleaning teeth.
Reality-There is no scientific basis for rubbing teeth with oil cleans teeth and removes bacteria.

Cleaning teeth by immersing toothbrush in a ripeashed strawberry brings shine to teeth in only 2 weeks.
Reality-Strawberry has citric acid,which can reduce hardness of the surface of teeth.Malic acid in strawberry cleans teeth.
It is used for clean and shiny teeth.Choose a ripe strawberry and mash it on your teeth.