Tuesday, June 2, 2015

American Thompson has donated 1 lakh dollar for fight against cancer.She is the oldest woman to complete the Marathon at 92years 65days!

American Harriette Thompson runs and wins Marathon at 92 years for a social cause-donate collected money for cancer research

Harriette Thompson is 92 years 65 days and is oldest woman to complete the marathon.She broke record of Gladys Burril who is 92 years 19 days.
Thompson is fastest runner who finished Marathon in 7:24:36 hours.
AmericanHarriette Thompson ran the rock 'n' roll Marathon in San Diego in 7 hours,24 minutes and 36 seconds on Sunday.
She is oldest woman and survivor of 3 bouts of oral cancer who ran 26 miles 395 yards in 7 hours 24 minutes.
Thompson told,"once a church member said he would participate in Marathon to collect donations for fight against cancer.At that time I had lost many members of my family because of cancer. I thought I should participate in Marathon. I had only thought of walking when I first participated in the marathon at 76 years of age but when I saw other members running, I too began to run.I thought to myself that it is not certain whether I will be able to participate in it next year.
Thompson told,'I was not able to prepare for it this time as my husband was ill.I had to spend time with him.He died in January. I am very excited that I have finished the marathon. I feel very good for collecting money for donation to cancer research.