Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drink lots of Water in Summer!

Try avoiding going out in scorching heat from office or home.Wear full sleeve clothes to protect yourselffrom heat rays.There is a danger of headache,diarrhea, stomach or pilia related diseases in this weather.You can also get a heat stroke or brain stroke in this weather.There can be urinary tract infections etc in this weather if you don't drink lots of water.Instead of fast food eat seasonal fruits.

Eat cucumber (kheera),indium(kakdi)
Eat balanced food in summers.Ayurveda specialist Sanjay Singh says we should take lots of liquid diet in summers.Drink watermelon squash in summer.It facilitates digestion. Drink poppy seed squash.

Instead of Wood Apple(bel)squash eat Wood Apple pulp
Dr Rajesh Yadav of Ayurveda College says instead of drinking Wood Apple squash,eating Wood Apple is more advantageous. Regular eating of this fruit eliminates danger from hot winds(loo).Drink butter milk before going out.
Sattu(Desi Horlicks in Bihar) should be taken at least once in a day.It gives coolness.

Try avoiding open food
Dr Vimal Tiwari of Ayurveda Institute says we should not eat open food in summers to avoid diseases.Sugarcane juice may be harmful. Fruit juices sold in open should not be taken to avoid diseases.