Sunday, April 26, 2015

Quake Digest-Earthquake Today 3rd May,2015,an Update

1)In case of Earthquake, immediately leave house and go and stand in open.
2)If you are inside building,take shelter under desk,table, doublebed,below stairs.Avoid glass doors,windows.
3)Don't stand near buildings.
4)Remain in open until the tremors are over.
5)Stop driving.
6)Untie animals & pets.
7)Don't use candles, matchsticks or  objects that produce flames.
8)Switch off gas valves.
9)If there is gas leakage don't use electric switches & equipments.
10)If water pipes,electric lines are damaged close main valve.Open wires should not be touched.
11)Doors and cupboards should be opened with care as heavy objects may fall on you.

Yesterday a powerful earthquake with 7.9 magnitude ripped through the upper part of the SouthAsian peninsula.It was epic entered near Kathmandu.It rattled the landscape from Myanmar to Punjab.
Earthquake damage-Nepal

Injured survivor Rishi Khanal of Nepal recalls his 82 hour ordeal-No sound went out or came in from the rubble.His nails turned white and lips cracked.He was surrounded by dead people and a terrible smell came from them.He banged against the rubble when finally someone came for rescue. He drank his own urine as he hadn't eaten or drank anything from a long time.