Monday, April 27, 2015

How to increase clicks on Google Ads!


1)AdSense Revenue
It is the money made in selected time period.

2) /1000 visits 
/1000 visits is the money made for every 1000 visits to site.

3)Ads clicked
It is the number of ads clicked by viewer.

CTR is Click Through Rate.It is the percentage of clicks we get for each ad impression.

It is effective Cost Per 1000 impressions (M is Mille which means 1000).The total earnings per 1000 impressions.

6)AdSense Ads viewed 
It is total number of ads seen from all multiple ads on all pageviews.

7)AdSense Page Impressions
It is the amount of pages viewed that have AdSense ads on them.

How to increase clicks on Google ads-

1)Attach Google Analytics
First step is to set up AdSense.Then attach Google analytics with it.This will allow you to study AdSense in a more detail in analytics.When into GA,click on content,then AdSense, then AdSense Referers, to bring up a list of all websites that sent visitors who have clicked on an ad as well as timeline of earnings. 

2)Link within website
Tutorial like of Photography was found to bring more results by one of AdSense Earners.A tutorial meant that anyone who had read the tutorial from first page would have to click another page if they wanted to learn anything. This forced the visitor to increase pages per visit which produced more ad impressions.

3)Text and image ads
Display both text and image ads (rich media) thus increasing the number of ads competing to appear on your site.More advertisers drives higher bid & thus may be 59% increase in eCPM due to these changes.

4)Experiment with ad placement
Wide ads are good as advertisers prefer them thus resulting in higher bids for your ad placement.
Though every site is different publishers prefer 0.35 eCPM when using wider size.
This makes a big difference in the number of clicks on ads,the more likely someone will see it.

Small text ad below header & is likely to make big difference as it stands out & can be mistaken for a link within website by visitors.

"Recommended" size in Google AdSense ad unit is best.The best size is though that can blend into your website's design.

5)Using Right color will help make AdSense ad unit more visible to site visitors. Color also plays significant role in whether visitor clicks on ad or stays away.

6)Google AdSense Crawler get right keyword from your page.Repeat keyword that you want to target but don't overdo otherwise Google tags you for keyword spamming.

Some more good tips-

  • Make ads same color as your site increases earnings.

  • Another tip is to always place big square ad before the content becoz it brings more money.

  • If you really want to make extra money make your website mobile ready using WordPress plugin which allows you to place google banner.That brings 30 bucks extra a month.Everyone uses smart phones to search online.