Saturday, April 25, 2015

Is my food healthy?

How do we know that the food that we eat is fit to eat or not?

Fast food is food that is prepared quickly.It is precooked food.

Fast Food or Junk food can be defined as:
Food that does not have fibre is Fast Food or Junk food like pizza,noodles,hamburgers.

It is not fit for digestion.It is uneasy to digest.

Fibres help us in many ways:
Bowel movement
Food rich in fibre facilitates bowel movement. Fibre rich foods are whole wheat,in Indian food it is whole wheat Rotis eg of jwar,bajra,macca.Gram is also fibre rich.
Apart from this oat,beans,carrot & citrus fruits are rich in fibre.
  Almost all fruits have good fibre and mineral content.
 These aid digestive system in digestion.

  Pulses are good source of proteins. Children need it as they are very energetic and active and so their body requirement is very high.Proteins help development of brain so children should eat lots of them.
  Children should also eat fruits as they have loads of minerals & vitamins. As far as fruits should be eaten fresh and not as juices as juices are minus fibre.
 As fresh veggies are also packed with loads of minerals,vitamins they should also be included in our daily diet.
 Fish has lots of omega 3 fatty acids and is beneficial to people with eye problems.
  If a person is facing protein deficiency he/she should take animal meat which has abundant quantities of proteins.
  One other food that aids in digestion is Papaya.
So,start from today if you have missed these foods in the past and live a healthy and disease free life for a happier tomorrow.

So,Goodbye, & Happy Healthy Eating!!!! 

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