Sunday, April 30, 2017

Writing sites

CloudCrowd of Facebook
The Writer Life
Income Diary
The Penny Hoarder
Matador network

The Writer Life pays $35 for reviews that are well written.

In of Amazon you can create your own eBook and have it published.No extra cost.It is free.Createspace also gives the option of giving hardcopy of your eBook to customers on order.It gives the book an ISBN number for free.Everything here is free.Its services are free of charge.The eBook can also be published on Kindle and that is free too.You have to upload your document in MS Word format.

Amazon Kindle also allows you to publish your eBook free of charge.You can make the book in MS Word.

At crowd you can write
articles and product descriptions. It gives you the opportunity to earn an extra income from anywhere from a booth in your shop to a cozy couch.Tasks of all sizes are available.

Hubpages-If you are a beginner you can start writing for where you will learn how to write a good article.If you write a few number of articles for Hubpages which get accepted by them,you can get shortlisted on other sites for writers.You can provide links to these articles at writer sites to get shortlisted. I did the same and was shortlisted for writer work.Apart from this, there is earnings Program also on HubPages by which you can earn by Affiliate Programs. Besides this, there is Google Adsense in which Google offers to put advertisements alongside your articles and pays you for that.Every time a user visits your site or clicks an advertisement of Google on your page you get credited.
 You can share your site to various social media sites  given below to increase number of pageviews which you are credited by Google.