Saturday, August 15, 2015

Time is running out.Post your comment for free Internet on,last date 15 August, 2015

 The Indian government is inviting responses to the draft report that the Department of Telecommunications released on the issue of net neutrality.

The responses will help the government to take appropriate decision on the issue as these will also be considered along with the TRAIs suggestions following a consultation process.

 The deadline to submit the comments is 15 August 2015 so citizens have less than 24 hours to make their voice heard.

The process has been moved to a forum, part of the governments governance portal. To submit comments on net neutrality, citizens need to first register on the website, sign-in, go to the net neutrality page and submit their response.

It is emphasized that the views expressed in the report are that of the Committee and not of the Government. Your valuable comments, wide scale consultations, as also the report of the TRAI will help the Government to take appropriate decision on the issue. Through this forum of My Gov, we invite valuable comments and suggestions on the report and recommendations before 15th August, 2015.

Steps :

-Go to

-scroll down.Go to bottom of page.You will find Activities written.

-In Activities,there is a  Discuss button.Below discuss button is written 'group centric and national theme'.Click Discuss.

-In the page that appears at the bottom of page is 'Trending'

-Below Trending,1st option is
'Give your Comments or Suggestions on Recommendations of Committee on Net Neutrality'
Click that.

-Click 'login to post comment'.

-give login password.

-Post comment.