Thursday, August 6, 2015

TCP/IP model-Application Layer and other layers and Features TCP/IP


Application Layer

On top of the transport layer is the application layer.It contains all the higher level protocols. The early ones included virtual terminal (TELNET), FTP,and electronic mail(SMTP),Domain Name System (DNS),NNTP,HTTP.

Host-to-Network Layer
Here the host has to connect to n/w using some protocol so it can send IP packets to it.

Features of TCP/IP

1)File Transfer-FTP,RCP(Remote Copy)

2)Terminal Enuilation-Telnet & rlogin.

3)Transparent distributed file access and sharing-NFS(Network File System)

4)Remote command execution-rsh(remote shell) & rexec(remote execution) programs, users can run programs on remote computers and see the results on their own computer.

5)Remote Printing-unix command lpr provides remote printing services.

Next coming up Comparison of OSI and TCP/IP Reference Models