Monday, February 22, 2016

California Prune Dumpings

Servings 6
For dumpings

50 grams California prunes
250 grams pander
100 grams potatoes
20 grams ginger
10 grams green chilly
2 grams cardamom powder
Salt according to taste
Corn flour
50 grams khoya

For gravy-
50 grams California prunes
150 grams oil
10 grams garam masala
250grams onion paste
30 grama ginger-garlic paste
10 grams red chilly
10 grams coriander
200 grams yogurt
3 grams cardemom


For Dumpings
Grate pander and boil potatoes. Then mix all the ingredients for kofta.Make individual koftas and stuff them with chopped California prunes and khoya.Deep fry them until golden brown.

For Gravy-
Heat oil in pan and saute till it crackles.Add ginger garlic paste.Cook.Add red chilli,coriander. Saute.Add yogurt.Add cashew.Add cream.Serve California Prune dumpings with gravy.