Thursday, October 8, 2015

Why do women live longer than men?

The average age of women is more than men.
According to studies,in the history of human beings,the average age of woman is 5% more than men. But why?
It was thought that men are subject to difficult situations, more work that is why men die earlier. But,today difference between men,women is disappearing,so the difference in age of a man and a woman should have also decreased,but statistics show that this is wrong.
According to research,now it is thought that the difference lies in the genetic structure of men and women.
Men have XY chromosome in their cell and women have XX chromosome. It means that women have an extra copy of each gene in their cells.Therefore, if something goes wrong in any gene,there is a spare for it.Men do not have this.
One other reason for this is that women heartbeat increases in second phase of periods(menses).This is like an exercise and because of this risk of heart diseases decreases.
  But the most important reason is hormone.
Men have testosterone hormone because of which their muscles are strong,their voice is different and they have moustaches.
Because of testosterone,their body during youth is strong,but with age their breakdown starts earlier too and is responsible for heart diseases. Whereas women have estrogen hormone, estrogen has the property of antioxidant, which stops old age problems.
     Why has nature done this injustice? Scientists say,that men's role is limited till women's pregnancy, after that women's role comes in.It is the woman who brings up a child and looks after the child.Therefore, woman's life is longer.