Thursday, October 1, 2015

Gem Stones

Selection of appropriate gem stone is required for a happy and healthy life.
Gem stones may be auspicious or inauspicious. They act like vaccines in preventing diseases.Properties and compositions of precious gem stones are connected with the planets.
  Gem stones have mystical and divine powers.
Corals have protective charm for children.
Ruby acts as an antidote to poison.
Yellow Sapphire expedites delayed marriages of girls.
Kidney stones cure kidney troubles.
Certain gem stones have even the power of warning us of coming disasters by changing colors.
There are certain gem stones that should never be worn together.
Gem stones cure diseases and bring happiness, prosperity.

  Gems are beautiful stones with variety of colors and high density.Their lustre has been attracting people since time immemorial. These precious stones are found all around the world.
   Gem stones are not only attractive, they are also useful for health,fame,prosperity. Ancient kings and princes stored gem stones to add to treasury wealth.Noble ladies wore them to adorn their bodies. They had gem stones set in their jewelry.Some ladies have been blessed with a son after wearing them.Kings got splendid victories in battles after wearing them.Some patients got rid of diseases when they wore them.All this resulted in the gem stones being auspicious and inauspicious.
  Knowledge of using right gem stones at the right time is very helpful to achieve success in every day life.
  According to English Dictionary the meaning of word 'Gem' has been given as-'a precious stone when cut and polished'.
Thus Gem can be called as a thing of outstanding quality, class and beauty.
The rationale of the use of gem stones is to avert evil effect of planets  that is dependent on the colors and vibrations of the planets.Our ancients found that everything in the universe is sensitive of color.Every planet rules over a gem.The color of the planet is reflected on human body through the gem and creates an effect by absorption and reflection of rays and vibrations.The gem acts as filter and produces good or evil effect.
  All the planetary gem stones are highly sensitive and radioactive crystals and can filter out particular rays.Human body is a combination of chemicals,minerals and its proficiency in the body is according to cosmic rays received from planets.The same rays act differently on different individuals because of different human constitutions.It is similar to electricity that works differently on different mechanical equipments giving different effects.
  What is allotted cannot be taken out easily from the shape of constitution but the allotments can be adjusted and evil influences checked by appropriate gem stones.
Energy is nothing but another form of element in wave and ray form.These rays contain all particles of chemicals.The gem stones pick up particular ray wave and transmit it into body where they are transformed into chemicals.As such body starts functioning in right way physically and mentally.
Gem stones are store house of energy that give rise to constructive vibrations against diseases.Malefic power released by the planets is negative whereas power of gem stone
is positive. When negative meet positive, their effect is neutralized.
  Sun's gem is Ruby,Moon's is white Pearl,Mar's is Red Coral,of Mercury is Emerald,Jupiter's is Yellow Sapphire.
  In Western countries, it is very common to wear lucky gem stones.
According to meeting of Jewellers in 1912 in Kansas City,USA,the birth stones are as follows:
Month of birth  Birth stone
Jan.          Garnet
Feb.          Amethyst
Mar.          Aquamarine
April.          Diamond
May.          Emerald
June          Pearl
July.          Ruby
Aug.          Perodot
Sep.          Sapphire
Oct.           Opal,Tourmaline
Nov.          Topaz
Dec.          Turquoise

In West,people wear gem stones according to sees of week:

Sunday - Ruby
Monday - Pearl or Opal
Tuesday - Bloodstone or Amethyst
Wednesday - Jade or Agate
Thursday -Emerald or Sapphire
Friday - Turquoise
Saturday – Onyx

Medicinal use of Gem stones

Ruby-suppresses excess of wind,bile and phlegm in the body.They give relief in and cure tuberculosis,colic pain,eye diseases,leprosy.

Pearl-It is beneficial in diseases caused by deficiency of calcium in the body.

Coral-Coral bhasma is effective and curative medicine for coughs,fever and jaundice.

White Sapphire-gives relief in vomiting.

Diamond-Diamond bhasma gives relief and cures TB,insane imaginations,diabetes,anaemia.

Opal-has curative value for fevers.

Amber-gives relief in colics.

Tourmaline-cures jaundice,fever,breathing troubles